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Data publication: Examining different regimes of ionization-induced damage in GaN through atomistic simulations

Sequeira, Miguel; Djurabekova, Flyura; Nordlund, Kai; Mattei, Jean-Gabriel; Monnet, Isabelle; Grygiel, Clara; Alves, Eduardo; Lorenz, Katharina

Two Temperature Model - Molecular Dynamics (TTM-MD) simulations describing the interaction of Swift Heavy Ions (0.35-0.54 MeV/amu Xe, 0.6 and 5.8 MeV/amu Pb, and 3.8 MeV/amu U ions. The simulations are discussed in:

Sequeira, M. C., Djurabekova, F., Nordlund, K., Mattei, J.-G., Monnet, I., Grygiel, C., Alves, E., Lorenz, K., Examining Different Regimes of Ionization-Induced Damage in GaN Through Atomistic Simulations. Small 2022, 2102235.

Each zip file contains the input and output corresponding to each ion simulation. The input and output files are those used and generated by PARCAS 5.22 ( The radial energy profile deposited by the ion, as calculated within the TTM, can be found in the in/ file. The file contains two columns: one with the distance to the ion trajectory (in Angstrom) and another with the energy per atom (in eV/atom). For additional information on the simulations (e.g. bulk vs surface), please refer to the methods section of the reference above.

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