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May 19, 2022 (v1) Dataset Open Access

Master Curve Testing of RPV Steels using Mini-C(T) Specimens – Irradiation Effects and Censoring Statistics

Das, Aniruddh; Chekhonin, Paul; Houska, Mario; Obermeier, Florian; Altstadt, Eberhard

December 2, 2021 (v1) Dataset Open Access

Data publication: Dynamics and length scales in vertical convection of liquid metals

Zwirner, Lukas; S. Emran, Mohammad; Schindler, Felix; Singh, Sanjay; Eckert, Sven; Vogt, Tobias; Shishkina,Olga

May 18, 2022 (v2) Dataset Open Access

Data for: Spectral X-ray Computed Micro Tomography: 3-dimensional chemical imaging

Sittner, Jonathan; Da Assuncao Godinho, Jose Ricardo; Renno, Axel; Cnudde, Veerle; Boone, Marijn; Schryver, Thomas de; Loo, Denis van; Merkulova, Margarita; Roine, Antti; Liipo, Jussi

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May 5, 2022 (v1) Dataset Open Access

Data publication: Calorimeter with Bayesian unfolding of spectra of high-flux broadband X-rays

Laso García, Alejandro; Hannasch, A.; Molodtsova, Maria; Ferrari, Anna; Couperus Cabadağ, Jurjen Pieter; Downer, M. C.; Irman, Arie; Kraft, Stephan; Metzkes-Ng, Josefine; Naumann, Lothar; Prencipe, Irene; Schramm, Ulrich; Zeil, Karl; Zgadzaj, R.; Ziegler, Tim; Cowan, Thomas

April 29, 2022 (v1) Dataset Open Access

Data: Temperature Driven Transformation of the Flexible Metal-Organic Framework DUT-8(Ni)

Ehrling, S.; Senkovska, I.; Efimova, A.; Bon, V.; Abylgazina, L.; Petkov, P.; Evans, J. D.; Attallah, A. G.; Thomas Wharmby, M.; Roslova, M.; Huang, Z.; Tanaka, H.; Wagner, A.; Schmidt, P.; Kaskel, S.



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