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Research data: Grating-graphene metamaterial as a platform for terahertz nonlinear photonics

Deinert, Jan-Christoph; Kovalev, Sergey; Tielrooij, Klaas-Jan

Research data for used for the publication: "Grating-graphene metamaterial as a platform for terahertz nonlinear photonics".

Datasets measured at the TELBE accelerator-based THz source are measured using a pulse-resolved detection scheme. The data points are sorted according to the absolute arrival time measurement. The four columns hold the following data:
1) absolute time in picoseconds
2) Signal of the emitted THz measured by electro-optic sampling.
3) Relative THz intensity measured using a pyroelectric detector. THz intensity is proportional to absolute power of the signal.
4) Data corresponding to the relative timing of each pulse. Not used for further analysis of the data.

The filenumbers of the measurements used for the figures are as follows:
Fig. 1a: File 003
Fig. 1b-c: File 043
Fig. 1d-e: File 086

Fig. 2a: Files 080..088 (bare graphene) and 031..049 (grating)
Fig. 2b: same

Fig. 3a: Files 050..057
Fig. 3c: Files 076..079

Fig. 4. Table top measurements; no file numbers

Supp. Fig. 2: File 030

Supp. Fig. 4: File 024..025

Supp. Fig. 7a: Files 031..034 and 036..041
Supp. Fig. 7b: Files 080..083
Supp. Fig. 7d: Files 031..049 and 080..086

Supp. Fig. 9a: Files 031..046
Supp. Fig. 9b: Files 080..085 and 087..088


The datasets measured using a table-top laser source contain two columns. The first one is the position of the optical delay stage in mm that has to be multiplied by 6.667 ps/mm to define the time axis. The second column contains the THz signal as measured using electro-optic sampling.

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