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Agility of spin Hall nano-oscillators

Trindade Goncalves, Francisco José; Hache, Toni; Bejarano, Mauricio; Hula, Tobias; Hellwig, Olav; Faßbender, Jürgen; Schultheiß, Helmut

Data repository for manuscript submitted to Physical Review Applied: Agility of spin Hall nano-oscillators.

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Data organised on a figure by figure basis. The provided file- How to navigate the data- links all the data sets and data handling scripts utilised on each figure. Ipython notebook was used in the data handling and Omnigraffle was used to assemble the sub-figures and label the plots produced in via the Ipython notebooks. Data shown in the corresponding plots can be found in the .txt files with same labelling as figures.


We investigate the temporal response of constriction-based spin Hall nano-oscillators driven by pulsed stimuli using time-resolved Brillouin light scattering microscopy. The growth rate of the magnetization auto-oscillations, enabled by spin Hall effect and spin orbit torque, is found to vary with the amplitude of the input voltage pulses, as well as the synchronization frequency set by an external microwave input. The combination of voltage and microwave pulses allows to generate auto-oscillation signals with multi-level amplitude and frequency in the time-domain. Our findings suggest that the lead time of processes such as synchronization and logic using spin Hall nano-oscillators can be reduced to the nanosecond time-scale.

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