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Resonant SAXS data used in publication: "Probing ultrafast laser plasma processes inside solids with resonant small angle X-ray scattering"

Gaus, Lennart; Bischoff, Lothar; Bussmann, Michael; Cunningham, Eric; Curry, Chandra B.; E, Juncheng; Galtier, Eric; Gauthier, Maxence; Laso García, Alejandro; Garten, Marco; Glenzer, Siegfried; Grenzer, Jörg; Gutt, Christian; Hartley, Nicholas; Huang, Lingen; Hübner, Uwe; Kraus, Dominik; Lee, Hae Ja; McBride, Emma E.; Metzkes-Ng, Josefine; Nagler, Bob; Nakatsutsumi, Motoaki; Nikl, Jan; Ota, Masato; Pelka, Alexander; Prencipe, Irene; Randolph, Lisa; Rödel, Melanie; Sakawa, Youichi; Schlenvoigt, Hans-Peter; Smid, Michal; Treffert, Franziska; Voigt, Katja; Zeil, Karl; Cowan, Thomas; Schramm, Ulrich; Kluge, Thomas

Resonant Small-angle x-ray scattering raw data obtained in measurements at MEC at LCLS and evalutation of the asymmetry in the scattering patterns. The data set is structured in case 1/Si-Cu-compound targets and case 2/Cu-only-targets as presented in the publication for on- and off-resonant XFEL probe energies.


SAXS data used for a publication in Physical Review Research.
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