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Local void fraction and pressure drop data for horizontal annular flow through orifice

Porombka, Paul; Boden, Stephan; Lucas, Dirk; Hampel, Uwe

This dataset combines multiple measurements form air-water horizontal annular flow experiments in a pipe (case A) and a pipe with circular orifice with \(d^2 / D^2 = 0.6\)  (case B). Measurements where taken at superficial Reynolds numbers of Re=25000 for the gas phase and Re =4090 for the liquid phase. The following data are included for each case:

  • linear pressure drop between two points (case A), four points (case B) measured with split-range differential pressure transducers at 5Hz
  • time-averaged local liquid volume fraction distribution in cylindrical and Cartesian coordinates reconstructed from X-ray microtomography projections
  • reconstructed pipe axis coordinates and pipe radius
  • Python code to calculate secondary validation parameters (e.g. film thickness distribution) from primary data

The detailed 3D data is intended for validation of computational fluid dynamics codes based on phase-averaged variables such as the Euler-Euler approach.

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