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Data publication: MRF timing system characterization and 1-wire sensor calibration using a climate chamber

Zenker, Klaus; Kuntzsch, Michael

This data was taken at DSEY (04-08.12.2023) using a climate chamber.

Multiple temperature and humidity sensors were put into the climate chamber.

Due to problems with the ChimeraTK server not all data was collected by a single ChimeraTK server,

but the sensors were grouped and read by different 1-wire servers (`1-wire_1`, `1-wire_2`, `1-wire_3`, `1-wire_4`, `1-wire_5`). Each sensor identification is listed in the owfs.xlmap file. First sensor in owfs.xlmap corresponds e.g. to DS18B20/0. Data is available as HDF5 and ROOT file.

In addition the MRF timing system was running. Two EVRs (EVR2, EVR3) were connected via long fibers (100m) to the EVM. The fibers routed through the climate chamber, such that most of the fiber was inside the chamber. A Rhode&Schwartz oscilloscope was used to measure the delay of the timing output signals with respect to a third EVR (EVR1), that was connected via a short cable outside the climate chamber. That data is included in timing-data.root, which includes:

  • Delay of EVR2 with respect to EVR1 -> Delay_C1C2
  • Delay of EVR3 with respect to EVR1 -> Delay_C1C3
  • Delay compensation (actual, correction) for each EVR

The intended measurement, was to use active delay compensation for EVR2 and deactivated delay compensation for EVR3. However, the measurement was spoiled by periodic delay shifts in case of EVR2. On 07.12. 10:20 the delay compensation was also activated for EVR3.

For technical reasons not all timing related data is included in rs-data.root. The delay compensation data (actual, correction) should be taken from the aggregated raw data. It includes basically all data (temperature, humidity, oscilloscope data), but in the beginning the actual delay measurement was missing (which should be taken from timing-data.root).

Selected data periods are listed in the file data.ods.

Some analysis results are already included here for convenience:

  • Plots includes:
    • Temperature calibration
    • Humidity calibration
    • Delay measurements
  • Calibration.root includes calibration constants for humidity/temperature calibration and graphs/plots

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