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Hydrodynamic investigations of gas-liquid two-phase flow in centrifugal pumps - reconstructions (selected data)

Schäfer, Thomas; Bieberle, André; Hampel, Uwe

Neumann-Kipping, Martin; Bieberle, Martina; Wolf, Jan

This data repository contains reconstructed and quantitatively analyzed gas-liquid two-phase distributions obtained from a centrifugal pump mock-up whose geometry is related to a commercially available industrial centrifugal pump. As measurement system the ultrafast electron beam X-ray CT scanner (UFXCT) is applied with a frame rate of 2,500 Hz, single-plane mode and a total scanning interval of 5 seconds. The data repository contains:

  • Reconstructed raw data (FBP) sets for selected two-phase flow operating conditions at constant 1480 rpm with static and rotating impeller, respectively
  • Corresponding quantitative gas fraction data sets (for static impeller position)
  • Averaged gas fraction distributions
  • Standard deviations of the gas fraction mean values
  • Data evaluation scripts

The Project was founded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the funding code 02NUK023B
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