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Liquid fraction investigations in a RPB with different foam and liquid inlet geometries using GammaCT

Bieberle, André; Loll, Rouven; Pyka, Tobias; Schubert, Markus

For liquid fraction investigations in a rotating packed bed (RPB) angular-resolved time-averaged gamma-ray computed tomography (GammaCT) is applied. Liquid is injected via different inlet geometries. This repository mainly contains the reconstructed CT data for the following configurations:

  • solid foam, 12 baffle liquid inlet
  • solid foam, 32 baffle liquid inlet
  • solid foam, single point liquid inlet
  • printed small zick-zack foam, multi point liquid inlet
  • printed small zick-zack foam, zero point liquid inlet
  • printed big zick-zack foam, multi point liquid inlet

Furthermore, the corresponding restructured sinogram raw data are included as well as diverse radiographic scans from different foam geometries that are used to arrange the RPB disc and the CT scanning plane as planar as possible and to define the vertically distributed scanning planes within the foams.

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