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Profiling of RT-PICLS Code

Kelling, Jeffrey; Juckeland, Guido

It was observed, that the RT-PICLS code ran by FWKT on the hypnos cluster was producing an unusual amount of system load, according to Ganglia metrics. Since this may point to an IO-problem in the code, this code was analyzed more closely.

RT-PICLS was run with additionally provided input data on 64 CPU cores (AMD Opteron) in a single node of the hypnos cluster. Score-P 4.0 with IO-tracing support was used for profiling and tracing of the application. A developer version of Vampir 9.2 [3] enabled graphical analysis of the traces.

Different file systems were evaluated for storing the output:

  • bigdata: the high-performance file system of the cluster based on GPFS.
  • nfs: a loop-mounted EXT4 image mounted to the current compute node via NFS.
  • scr: the local scratch file-system of the compute node.
  • tmpfs: a virtual filesystem, physically located in the main memory of the compute node.

The trace files that were used to compile the referenced report are collected in this upload.

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