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Data: Temperature Driven Transformation of the Flexible Metal-Organic Framework DUT-8(Ni)

Ehrling, S.; Senkovska, I.; Efimova, A.; Bon, V.; Abylgazina, L.; Petkov, P.; Evans, J. D.; Attallah, A. G.; Thomas Wharmby, M.; Roslova, M.; Huang, Z.; Tanaka, H.; Wagner, A.; Schmidt, P.; Kaskel, S.

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  note         = {{This work was financially supported by DFG 
                   (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) under contracts
                   FOR 2433 and in project numbers 448809307,
                   464857745 (AT 289/1-1 and KA 1698/41-1) and
                   419941440. PP and JDE used high performance
                   computing facilities of ZIH Dresden. The EXAFS
                   experiments were conducted at the BL11S2 of Aichi
                   Synchrotron Radiation Center, Aichi Science \&
                   Technology Foundation, Aichi, Japan (Proposal No.
                   2020D5036). We acknowledge DESY (Hamburg,
                   Germany), a member of the Helmholtz Association
                   HGF, for the provision of experimental facilities.
                   Parts of this research were carried out using
                   beamline P02.1 at PETRA III. ZH acknowledges the
                   support from the Swedish Research Council Formas
                   (2020- 00831). J.D.E. is supported by a Ramsay
                   Fellowship from the University of Adelaide.}},
  doi          = {10.14278/rodare.1550},
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