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UFXCT data of silo discharge of airsoft balls

Bieberle, Martina; Barthel, Frank; Sancho Martinez, Diego; Stannarius, Ralf

Data collector(s)
Sprewitz, Uwe
Barthel, Frank
Project manager(s)
Bieberle, Martina
Project member(s)
Sancho Martinez, Diego
Hampel, Uwe; Stannarius, Ralf

The outflow of airsoft bullets from a cylindrical storage container with narrow outlet is imaged by means of ultrafast X-ray computed tomography (UFXCT) at different heights above the outlet. Sequences of cross-sectional images were recorded over 30 s with a frame rate of 1000 fps in dual plane mode.

airsoft bullet diameter: 6 mm, diameter of cylindrical container: 90 mm, outlet diameter: 24 mm, filling height: 80 cm, measurement heights: 10 mm, 30 mm and 50 mm above outlet
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  • Stannarius et al., High-speed X-ray tomography of silo discharge, submitted to New Journal of Physics

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