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Internal Access: Full source data of publication: "Tumor irradiation in mice with a laser-accelerated proton beam"

Kroll, Florian; Brack, Florian-Emanuel; Bernert, Constantin; Bock, Stefan; Bodenstein, Elisabeth; Brüchner, Kerstin; Cowan, Thomas; Gaus, Lennart; Gebhardt, René; Helbig, Uwe; Karsch, Leonhard; Kluge, Thomas; Kraft, Stephan; Krause, Mechthild; Leßmann, Elisabeth; Masood, Umar; Meister, Sebastian; Metzkes-Ng, Josefine; Nossula, Alexej; Pawelke, Jörg; Pietzsch, Jens; Püschel, Thomas; Reimold, Marvin; Rehwald, Martin; Richter, Christian; Schlenvoigt, Hans-Peter; Schramm, Ulrich; Umlandt, Marvin Elias Paul; Ziegler, Tim; Zeil, Karl; Beyreuther, Elke

All source data and scripts for publication: "Tumor irradiation in mice with a laser-accelerated proton beam"

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