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CASUS is planned as a center for data-intensive interdisciplinary systems research and is expected to occupy a leading international position in this emerging field of research.

Data-intensive interdisciplinary systems research unites innovative methods from mathematics, theoretical systems research, simulations, and data and computer science to solve questions from such diverse disciplines as Earth system research, systems biology or materials research. The goal of CASUS to create digital images of complex systems of unprecedented fidelity to reality can only be achieved by combining different scientific disciplines with excellent digital methods research.

CASUS wants to recruit and train excellent scientists who want to understand and explain the complexity of our world across disciplines and to rethink the digitization of research. CASUS will establish a new generation of scientists at the interface between the virtual world and real-world applications in a joint institute to develop visionary ideas in interdisciplinary teams on how to master the complex challenges of the future with information and data science methods.

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May 4, 2020
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