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Wire-mesh sensor measurements of single-phase liquid flows at different temperatures

Wiedemann, Philipp; de Assis Dias, Felipe; Schleicher, Eckhard; Hampel, Uwe

The dataset contains raw data belonging to Wiedemann et al.: Temperature Compensation for Conductivity-Based Phase Fraction Measurements with Wire-Mesh Sensors in Gas-Liquid Flows of Dilute Aqueous Solutions, Sensors 2020, 20(24), 7114;

A 16x16 conductivity-based wire-mesh sensor was placed in a single-phase liquid loop with adjustable fluid temperature. The dataset includes the wire-mesh sensor measurements with water at several temperature levels from 12.5°C to 80°C and the corresponding electrical conductivites. Two water samples, namely deionized water and a mixed water sample, were investigated. The latter one is composed of 95% deionized water and 5% local tap water.

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