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HZDR Multiphase Addon for OpenFOAM

Schlegel, Fabian; Draw, Mazen; Evdokimov, Ilya; Hänsch, Susann; Khan, Harris; Lehnigk, Ronald; Li, Jiadong; Lyu, Hongmei; Meller, Richard; Petelin, Gašper; Tekavčič, Matej

Couteau, Arthur; Colombo, Marco; Kriebitzsch, Sebastian; Parekh, Jigar

The HZDR multiphase addon contains additional code for the open-source CFD software OpenFOAM, released by The OpenFOAM Foundation. The developments are dedicated to the numerical simulation of multiphase flows, in particular to the multi-field two-fluid model (Euler-Euler method). Within the OpenFOAM library the multiphaseEulerFoam framework is used for this type of simulation. The addon contains a modified multiphaseEulerFoam named HZDRmultiphaseEulerFoam with the full support of the HZDR baseline model set for polydisperse bubbly flows according to Liao et al. (Chem Eng Sci, 2019, Vol. 202, 55-69). In addition a solver dedicated to a hybrid modelling approach (dispersed and resolved interfaces, Meller et al., Int J Numer Meth Fluids. 2021, Vol. 93, 748-773) named cipsaMultiphaseEulerFoam is provided with the addon. This solver has an interface to the multiphaseEulerFoam framework and utilizes all available interfacial models of it.

General enhancements



  • morphology adaptive modelling framework for predicting dispersed and resolved interfaces based on Eulerian multi-field two-fluid model
  • compact momentum interpolation method according to Cubero et al. (Comput Chem Eng, 2014, Vol. 62, 96-107), including virtual mass
  • numerical drag according to Strubelj and Tiselj (Int J Numer Methods Eng, 2011, Vol. 85, 575-590) to describe resolved interfaces in a volume-of-fluid like manner
  • n-phase partial elimination algorithm for momentum equations to resolve strong phase coupling (Meller et al., Int J Numer Meth Fluids. 2021, Vol. 93, 748-773)
  • free surface turbulence damping for k-ω SST (symmetric and asymmetric damping, Frederix et al., Nucl Eng Des, 2018, Vol. 333, 122-130)
  • sub-grid scale modelling framework:
    • additional LES models for the unclosed convective sub-grid scale term
    • closure models for sub-grid surface tension term
  • configuration files and tutorials for easy setup of hybrid cases

This work was supported by the Helmholtz European Partnering Program in the project "Crossing borders and scales (Crossing)"
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  • Hänsch, S., Evdokimov, I., Schlegel, F., & Lucas, D. (2021). A workflow for the sustainable development of closure models for bubbly flows. Chemical Engineering Science, 116807.

  • Meller, R., Schlegel, F., & Lucas, D. (2020). Basic verification of a numerical framework applied to a morphology adaptive multifield two‐fluid model considering bubble motions. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids.

  • Rzehak, R., Liao, Y., Meller, R., Schlegel, F., Lehnigk, R., & Lucas, D. (2021). Radial pressure forces in Euler-Euler simulations of turbulent bubbly pipe flows. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 374, 111079.

  • Tekavčič, M., Meller, R., & Schlegel, F. (2021). Validation of a morphology adaptive multi-field two-fluid model considering counter-current stratified flow with interfacial turbulence damping. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 379, 111223.

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