Background Upload

This guide explains how to setup, use and remove the Background Upload feature. Background Upload currently supports the SFTP protocol and downloads via the HTTP protocol. The HTTP implementation does not require any setup for the user.

Setup Background Upload via SFTP

  1. Login to your user account and navigate to
  2. Click the green Connect button right to the remote server you want to connect to. Screenshot Connect Settings
  3. Enter the credentials of your user account on the Remote Server and click the blue Connect button. Screenshot Connect Settings
  4. If you entered the credentials correctly, you are redirected to the Settings page. Screenshot Connect Settings RODARE now generated an SSH key pair and stores the private key encrypted in the database in order to be able to authenticate with the Remote Server. The public key is transferred to the Remote Server and copied into the authorized_keys file.

Use the Background Upload feature

The Background Upload feature is available in the upload form.

  1. Create a new upload or proceed with an existing upload:
  2. In the Files block, on top of the upload form, click the blue Background Upload button. Background Upload Modal
  3. By clicking the blue Browse files button an online file browser will open.
  4. Navigate to the files you wish to upload.
  5. Click the blue Upload file to start the background upload. Background Upload Modal
  6. As soon as your background upload is finished you will receive an email. The file appears in the files list in the upload form.

Remove the connection

The removal of the connection only requires one click.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the red Disconnect button to disconnect RODARE and the Remote Server.

The private key, which was stored encrypted in the database is deleted and if possible, the public key is removed from the authorized_keys file on the Remote Server.